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Miui 12 Bahasa Indonesia

Miui 12 Droid-Klitik yaitu custom rom miui berdasarkan MIUI 12 MIROOM yang sudah direpack ulang dengan komplemen beberapa fitur serta derma Bahasa Indonesia.

Rom ini aku bagikan untuk perangkat Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro Tulip dan Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro Whyred. Rom ini menjalankan Android 9.0 Pie.

Changelogs :


  • Multi Language (44 languages supported, Indonesian included)
  • Miui setup wizard style (fixed)
  • Debloating system
  • Selinux Permissive
  • Chrome as webwiew
  • Usb debugging "ON" by default
  • Masik Tones
  • Masik mod audio engine
  • Status kafetaria style like miuipro
  • Rows in expanded old shade like miuipro
  • List view animation like miuipro
  • PiP size settings like miuipro (4 options)
  • Show Weather Option like xiaomi eu
  • Show LTE icon for 4G like xiaomi eu 
  • Enable or disable Quick settings on Lockscreen like xiaomi eu 
  • Miui Lab on Special Features like xiaomi eu 
  • Dual server theme options (in the Global server, only miui 11 themes can be found)
  • Optimized Gps fast locked like Global roms
  • Blur effect like Miui Masik & Miui NSA
  • Option to allow all screen rotation like Miui NSA
  • Option to hide zero network speed in the Statusbar
  • Safetynet passed & Playstore certified
  • Added more features in the Launcher settings
  • Switches old battery style no need to reboot
  • Added Private DNS options
  • WiFi Repeater (Hostpod & WIFI can be 'Active' together)
  • Fixed M-Banking Apps Permissions
  • Enabled AR Core 
  • Fixed System UI not responding


  • Multi Bahasa (44 Languages supported)
  • Selinux Permissive 
  • SafetyNet passed / Playstore certified
  • Viper4Android RootLess (as system file)
  • Chrome as webview like Global roms
  • Debloating system
  • YouTube Vanced as system file
  • Added private DNS hidangan
  • Optimized GPS fast locked 
  • Optimized some issue in the Indonesian language
  • Enable 60fps screen recording
  • Enable AI scene
  • Fixed dual ear icons for non notch devices
  • Cam2api
  • Disable Adsblock Host (Added AdAway)
  • Switches old battery icon without reboot
  • Enable AR Core
  • Added the ability to turn off the weather in the control center panel.
  • Added ability to choose charging animation style.
  • Masik Tones
  • Aroma Installer
  • Blur Effect settings (expanded old shade, control center, recents, & folder in the launcher)
  • Permissions of Banking Apps
  • Launcher Features
  • FP unlock after reboot (without pattern/pin)
  • All rotation 
  • Long press the Internet button in the curtain (Mobile network / Network type)
  • Color of SIM & WIFI icons
  • Option to change size of the network speed meters, percentage, & clock
  • Manual time adjustment until the screen dims
  • Status kafetaria style
  • Listview Animation 
  • PiP size settings (4 options)
  • Number of rows (expanded old shade)
  • Battery indicator style
  • Added the ability to hide icons (vpn,bt,alarm,etc) in the statubar
  • AI preloading option in MIUI Lab for all devices
  • Miui camera features
  • Show weather in the expanded
  • Show LTE icon for 4G
  • Added landscape mode for SMS app
  • Added the ability to show date in the statubar
  • Operator in the curtain 
  • Operator custom text color

Included Firmware
  • v9.4.25 (whyred)
  • v11.0.3.0 (tulip)

Cara Install :
Wipe data / factory reset
Install rom 
Install fix (jikalau ada)
Reboot (booting pertama sekitar 3 menit)

¤ Pulsa: +6282230302042

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