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Magisk Santoni Global Tweak V8.3.1

This mod to bring optimizations that are present in MIUI EU, MIUIPRO ROM systemlessly to Global Beta version.

Features :
- Initial debloat of bloated Global Beta ROM
- Led Notif Fix (Cyan, Purple, Yellow, White)
- Advanced Power Menu
- Center Clock, Right Notif
- Apply Theme Offline (Without Verification)
- Support 3rd Theme
- Set Miui Region to India
- Set Default time zone to Jakarta (GMT+7)
- Preferred Network Type Mod like Miuipro
- Build.prop Tweak
- Safetynet Fix
- 4x3 icon folder
- 5x3 toggle
- Adsblock Host
- Boot Animation Miui 9
- Gps.conf Asia
- Enable Fullscreen Display Feature
- Enable Doze for GMS
- YouTube no Ads
- Selinux Permissive
- Disable Mi Cloud

Required :
- Rom Miui 9 Global Beta 8.3.1
- Magisk v15 (or Higher)

Flash via Magisk Manager or TWRP

Credit :
- Miuipro
- MiGlobe
- Chhapil
- Yao Ang
- Helmi Aminudin
- Frendik

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